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Extended Warranty

We pledge to provide the closest equivalent level of cover for less money!

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Mitsubishi Extended Car Warranty

The Mitsubishi extended car warranty is an extension of the manufacturing defect warranty. When looking for a Mitsubishi extended warranty you must ask the following questions:

  • Does the warranty cover me against failure as a result of wear and tear?
  • Does the warranty cover me against failure as a result of overheating?
  • Does the warranty cover me against repairs necessary as a result of the failure of an uninsured part?
  • Does the warranty cover me against failures found during servicing or MoT?
  • Does the warranty let me choose where to have the car serviced and repaired?
  • Does the warranty cover me against failure due to oil degradation even if the car has been serviced correctly?

By protecting your Mitsubishi with a warranty from Warranty Direct you will be covered in every instance above!

Is the Mitsubishi car warranty cheaper than Warranty Direct's policy?

Call us today and we pledge to provide the closest equivalent level of cover to the Mitsubishi extended warranty for less money!

Mitsubishi Carisma (1995-2004)

You've got to hand it to the Japanese; they've certainly got a sense of irony. Calling perhaps the least charismatic ever made, the Carisma, definitely shows humour. However, while the Carisma may be duller than ditchwater, it's generally reliable, practical and cheap - which is as much as many car owners want, so you can't knock it. However, the GDi engine can be unreliable, so if you're thinking of buying a car fitted with one of these, make sure it runs okay before committing to purchase.

Mitsubishi Colt (2004-2008)

Sometimes the most obvious cars aren't necessarily the best. Take the Mitsubishi Colt for example; it's a cracker of a car, with reliability, equipment and flexibility all as standard, along with decent performance - yet it's a red-letter day when you see one. As a result, used values are lower than for more obvious superminis - so jump in before word gets out.

Mitsubishi Evo VII & VIII (2001-2005)

Phenomenally quick machine that's probably the fastest point-to-point car available - although Impreza drivers might take issue with that. Fabulous to drive, astonishingly sophisticated and amazingly reliable too; as long as the car has been properly maintained. Yet none of this is at the expense of practicality; this car really does have it all, even if running costs are on the high side.

Mitsubishi Outlander (2004-2006)

It was ugly, available only with a thirsty 2.4-litre petrol engine and didn't offer as much cabin flexibility as key rivals from Honda, Toyota or Nissan. It's no wonder the first-generation Outlander is spotted only on very rare occasions. If you can afford the fuel bills, the Outlander is still worth a look though, thanks to excellent reliability, a spacious and flexible cabin plus four-wheel drive as standard on all examples. As a result, the Outlander makes an excellent tow car - as long as you can afford the petrol.

Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin (1999-2006)

Small 4x4s have become massively popular in recent years, but one that's often been overlooked is Mitsubishi's baby Shogun. That's no surprise; it's a car that's overshadowed by all its key rivals such as the Toyota Rav4 and Honda CRV, which are better to drive, better packaged and are more parsimonious with fuel. Only buy one of these if it's ultra-cheap.

Mitsubishi Shogun (1999-2006)

The third-generation Shogun was a big improvement over its predecessor when it came to refinement and on-road dynamics, but Mitsubishi didn't throw the baby out with the bathwater as far as off-road ability was concerned. Thanks to its monocoque construction the Shogun is safe and handles well with its all-round independent suspension, but it copes well with the rough stuff and it also makes an excellent towing vehicle.

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