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How do I make a motor claim?

When the worst happens and you need to make a claim, follow the Warranty Direct procedure laid out below and your costs will be refunded within days.


If you have broken down, call-out your preferred recovery company (if you don't have a breakdown recovery policy you should ask us about our cover options now - before it's too late!). If your breakdown recovery company cannot repair the vehicle, arrange for them to take it to your regular garage. If this is not possible, ask them to take it to an independent VAT registered garage. This will ensure that any costs you are exposed to are minimised.

If you have not broken down, please call our claim engineers on 0330 123 3960 and we will provide you with details of your local approved repair centre. If you have a regular garage, arrange for the car to be booked in and diagnosed.

Although you can choose where to take your car to be repaired - if you take it to one of our nationwide network of contracted repairers we will settle directly with the garage.

You will need the following documents:
Your policy and schedule which were issued to you by Warranty Direct.

  • Proof of servicing for your vehicle
  • Current MOT certificate

The repairer will establish the cause of the breakdown and confirm that the faulty parts are covered by the certificate. They will then need to agree the costs for the repair with the Warranty Direct Limited Claims Department by telephoning 0330 123 3960. Once the costing is agreed they may proceed with the repairs to your vehicle.

Claims are authorised over the telephone to ensure that your car is back on the road as quickly as possible.


If you have taken your car to one of our contracted network of repairers we will settle the bill for any authorised repairs directly with the garage, if not then please send the following documentation to Warranty Direct:

  • The receipted repair invoice
  • The invoice for your vehicle's last service
  • A copy of the current MOT certificate for your vehicle

Warranty Direct will send you a cheque for the agreed amount of the repairs.

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