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BMW Extended Warranty

Whether you are in need of an extended warranty for your BMW to eventually replace your existing manufacturer warranty, or if your BMW manufacturer warranty has already run out, Warranty Direct can help.

Get a Quote now (click here) and get an extended warranty quote for top BMW models including the 116, 118, 318, 320, and 520. Flexible warranty cover options, competitive prices, and monthly payments available.

Download our Consumer Guide to Warranty (click here) for more information.


At Warranty Direct, we’re flexible and aim to free you of some of the potential limitations of standard manufacturer warranties.

We offer different coverage options, as well as giving you the freedom to decide things such as where you want your car serviced.

Our core coverage comes as standard with any policy and covers the following components:

  • Engine
  • Gearboxes
  • Transmissions
  • ECUs and computers
  • Casings
  • Supercharger
  • Turbocharger
  • Flywheels & drive plates

In addition to the mandatory, core coverage, we offer you the choice to add:

  • Core Plus
  • Safety System Protection
  • Emissions System Protection
  • Multimedia Systems Protection

Because customer satisfaction is our priority, we’re just as upfront about our exclusions as we are about our coverage. We recommend that you carefully read the policy documents for full details and please be advised that our policies do not cover the following:

  • All auxiliary drive belts
  • All hoses and pipes (except for high pressured power steering pipes)
  • Manual transmission clutch plate, clutch cover and release bearing
  • ECUs and computers: Upgrade, updates or revised software and firmware
  • Engine: Catalytic converters, engine covers
  • Body work, paintwork, trims, upholstery and windows

You can be safe in the knowledge that we offer:

  • Choice of hourly labour rates for your repairs.
  • Coverage of the cost of parts and labour for damage to an insured part even if it was caused by the failure of an uninsured part.
  • Reimbursement for emergency travel costs if and when your BMW breaks down due to failure of an insured part.

If you want to insure your BMW against wear and tear* and beyond your manufacturer warranty, get a quote and take out an extended warranty with us today.

All you need is your registration number. Alternatively, if you just want a quote for a vehicle you don’t have the registration number for you can simply enter the model and year of your BMW manually.

Click here to get started and join the thousands of people already happily insured through Warranty Direct.

*Unless your policy is a renewal, or it is taken out immediately before the manufacturer's original new car warranty expires, wear and tear claims are subject to a 90 day exclusion period.

The manufacturer of cars that have become some of the most popular on the roads was actually initially only a manufacturer of aircraft engines rather than cars themselves. It is believed by many that this is represented in the world famous BMW logo we see today, by the propeller like blue and white pattern in the middle.

The step towards automobiles began in 1928 with the purchase of the company known as Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach, and the first BMW small car was built in 1929. It’s safe to say that BMW hasn’t looked back since, and is now able to boast a whole host of designs and models for people to choose from.

Whether it’s one of their all-round well performing hatchbacks such as a 1 Series Sport for practicality, or a sleek 4 Series Convertible which oozes style, there is a certain prestige that comes with BMW and its popular vehicles.

How reliable is your car?

Based on data gathered from millions of pounds worth of claims handled by us every year, the Reliability Index offers the most comprehensive overview of cars on the road today. Find out your car's reliability with Warranty Direct.

Find out what NewCarNet have to say about your car below

Years after the debuts of key rivals such as the Audi A3 and Mercedes A-Class, BMW unleashed its own posh small hatch with the 1-Series. In true Bavarian fashion there were superb engines and a great rear-wheel drive chassis, while the 1-Series was also beautifully built and brilliant to drive. But while the 1-Series proved controversial with its challenging styling and high prices, the car was a success for its maker and now makes a great used buy.

BMW 1 Series

If a car maker was to create the perfect model range from scratch, the chances are they'd come up with something like the BMW 3-Series. Beautifully built and brilliant to drive, the 3-Series comes in almost any body style, there's a huge range of engines and you can have pretty much any piece of equipment you like. Those who have never driven one can be keen to dismiss the 3-Series' many talents; try one and you'll soon see what all the fuss is about.

BMW 3 Series

Few cars are more complete than the multi-talented BMW 5 Series. Fast, refined, great to drive, with a spacious and beautifully built cabin, the BMW 5 Series is one of the most accomplished executive cars available. A wide range of great engines plus a choice of ultra-practical saloon or estate body styles means the 5 Series is incredibly usable and whether you want ultimate performance, outright economy or something in between, there's a 5 Series to suit. The 5 Series isn't the cheapest car around, but running costs can be surprisingly low, all cars are well equipped and none of the engines are weak. So even if you can afford only an entry-level model, you'll never feel short changed.

BMW 5 Series

The BMW 7 Series cost big money when new, but savage depreciation makes it far more accessible as a used buy. However, while purchase costs can be relatively low, running costs tend to be huge. Despite this, the BMW 7 Series is a wonderful thing to own with its endless equipment list, sparkling dynamics and superb engines, including a wonderfully profligate V12 petrol option. By far the most common powerplant is the 3.0-litre diesel in the 730d and 740d and frankly, they're all you need. But the massive complexity of the 7-Series means reliability can be an issue - so don't expect to run one of these luxury limos on a shoestring.

BMW 7 Series

Car buyers love premium brands, and they love compact SUVs too - combine the two and you've got a sure-fire recipe for success. That's what BMW found when it launched its original X3 in 2004. The looks may have been a bit awkward and professional reviewers had reservations, but the X3 proved a success for BMW, with owners generally loving them - and it's easy to see why. Offering almost as much of everything as its bigger brother the X5, but in a smaller, more usable package, the X3 provides performance with efficiency, and it's a great car to drive too. X3s with black plastic bumpers have a downmarket feel, but facelifted models have a higher-quality interior and body-coloured bumpers. Buy one of these and you'll feel as though you're in a BMW rather than a budget SUV.


Until the original BMW X5 arrived, SUVs were ponderous. But when BMW's first 4x4 appeared it changed the rules; driving an SUV no longer meant corners were your enemy. So when the second take on the X5 appeared, expectations were high - and this all-new car didn't disappoint. Here was a full-sized SUV that was even better to drive than before, but now there was space for seven, even if two would need to be children. The X5's premium status means you'll need deep pockets to buy and run one, but if you can stretch to it, you'll love every minute of ownership.


Great to drive, fast and beautifully built, the Z4 was offered with a selection of strong engines and a choice of coupé or roadster body styles. While there are cheaper sports cars out there, none offers the range of talents available from the Z4 - although Porsche's Boxster is arguably a better all-rounder. However, the BMW is more affordable to buy and run and more practical too. BMW dealers are also among the best around, so while you pay for the privilege of running a Z4, few cars are as satisfying to own.


It's a BMW, so the assumption is made that it's pretty much unbeatable. Don't be fooled though; you pay a premium for the 5-Series and some other cars - cheaper ones - do the job just as well in the real world. If you can afford the cost, the 5-Series is well worth a look, but engine, transmission, wheel and tyre choices all affect the car more than you might think.

BMW 5 Series

If there's a car to polarise opinions, the 7-Series is it. You love or hate the styling, along with the I-Drive control system. What you can't deny is that the car is great to drive, covers long distances with ease and is usually well screwed together. Not all examples have proved to be fault-free though, so check that service history very carefully before signing on the dotted line.

BMW 7 Series

We've come to expect great things from BMW's SUVs, after the brilliance of its X5 and X3. So when the X1 appeared in 2009 the stakes were high; we expected a great driving experience, an excellent cabin and an array of brilliantly efficient engines. The fact that the X1 is more of a crossover than a proper SUV made BMW's job easier, so its deft handling was no surprise _ although a cramped cabin featuring sub-standard materials was unexpected. Despite this, as classy crossovers go, the BMW X1 can still make a compelling used buy.


The original BMW X3 was undeniably flawed with its cramped, low-rent cabin and awkward styling. So when the all-new second take on the theme arrived in 2010, expectations were high. This time BMW hit the bulls-eye. Here was a car that was now as accomplished as its bigger brother the X5, with a roomy cabin, great dynamics, a high-quality interior and better equipment levels - and to cap it all the prices were slightly lower too, even though the car was hardly what you'd call a bargain. But as a motorway cruiser, family carry-all or accomplished towing vehicle, the X3 is just the job which is why it makes a fine used buy.


When BMW launched the X6 it proved to be one of the most controversial cars ever released. Few could understand its purpose yet it would go on to be a big success story for BMW. It's easy to see why; get past the ungainly looks and there's a luxurious, fast SUV that's refined, beautifully built and as good to drive as you'd expect. Purchase and running costs tend to be high because this is a luxury car after all, but don't be too quick to judge the X6 _ it's much more accomplished than you might be prepared to admit.


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