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Ford Extended Warranty

Warranty Direct offers comprehensive Core coverage as standard, and the option to customise this by adding extras. Whether your warranty issued by Ford has expired or if you are planning ahead for more extensive coverage, we have a policy that can suit your needs. Our goal is always to save you time and money, which is why we offer flexible coverage that affords our customers both protection and freedom.

Get a Quote now (click here) for a warranty quote for top Ford models including Focus, Fiesta, Kuga, Mondeo, Transit, S-Max, and C-Max. Flexible warranty cover options, competitive prices, and monthly payments available.

Download our Consumer Guide to Warranty (click here) for more information.


It may be difficult to get the coverage you want from the standard policy given to all Ford owners. We understand that and want drivers to have a choice in what components of their vehicle they do and do not protect. At Warranty Direct, all customers receive the following Core cover.

The following components are covered with our Core cover:

  • Engine
  • Gearboxes
  • Transmissions
  • ECUs and computers
  • Casings
  • Supercharger
  • Turbocharger
  • Flywheels & drive plates

In addition to the Core coverage, we offer you the choice to add:

  • Core Plus
  • Safety System Protection.
  • Emissions System Protection.
  • Multimedia Systems Protection.

We’re upfront about what our policies do and do not cover and always want our customers to fully understand the scope of the warranty they take out with us. With that being said, we always encourage you to read over the sample policy documents for full exclusion details. In particular, we’d like to point out that our extended warranties do not cover the following:

  • All auxiliary drive belts.
  • All hoses and pipes (except for high pressured power steering pipes).
  • Manual transmission clutch plate, clutch cover and release bearing.
  • ECUs and computers: Upgrade, updates or revised software and firmware.
  • Engine: Catalytic converters, engine covers.
  • Body work, paintwork, trims, upholstery and windows.

With all of our coverage options, we offer:

  • Choice of hourly labour rates for your repairs.
  • Coverage of the cost of parts and labour for damage to an insured part even if it was caused by the failure of an uninsured part.
  • Reimbursement for emergency travel costs if and when your BMW breaks down due to failure of an insured part.

If you’d like to ease the burden on your wallet from wear and tear damage to your car, and beyond the coverage that your manufacturer warranty offers, take out an extended warranty with us today. Please note that wear and tear claims are subject to a 90 day exclusion period unless your policy is a renewal or taken out immediately after expiration of your manufacturer warranty.

Getting a quote and taking out a policy is easy, all you need is your vehicle registration number. If you don’t have your vehicle registration number, you can manually enter the make and year of your Ford in order to receive a quote, but you’ll need your registration number to purchase your new, comprehensive coverage.

Click here to get started and you’ll be one step closer to joining many others who are already happily insured through Warranty Direct.

The Ford Motor Company, usually just referred to as ‘Ford’, was founded by Henry Ford over 100 years ago back in June 1903.The American company that has grown massively in that time initially began in a small factory in Detroit, Michigan. Paris was where Ford’s first international sales branch opened in 1908 to begin the journey to becoming the global automotive powerhouse it is today.

The company has had a stake in several other huge names in the automotive industry over the years, such as Land Rover, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Volvo. The iconic Ford logo as we know it today has seen several transformations over the years as well. There have been no less than ten versions of the logo precede the current logo which came about in 2003.

If you go for a drive today, it’s highly unlikely that you won’t see a Ford on the roads, and its testament to the reputation the brand has built as well as the wide variety of models that are on offer for consumers to choose from. Two of the most popular Ford models are the Focus and Fiesta which provide a good all round option, but there really is something for everyone within their range. For example the KA is hugely popular with new drivers for its no nonsense small design and practicality, while for those with a family who take a lot of day trips, the Ford Edge fits the bill! There’s even the likes of the Mustang for those craving a true sporty ride.

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