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Lexus Extended Warranty

The Lexus extended car warranty is an extension of the manufacturing defect warranty. When looking for an Lexus extended warranty you must ask the following questions:


The Lexus extended car warranty is an extension of the manufacturing defect warranty. When looking for a Lexus extended warranty you must ask the following questions:

  • Does the warranty cover me against failure as a result of wear and tear?
  • Does the warranty cover me against failure as a result of overheating?
  • Does the warranty cover me against repairs necessary as a result of the failure of an uninsured part?
  • Does the warranty cover me against failures found during servicing or MoT?
  • Does the warranty let me choose where to have the car serviced and repaired?
  • Does the warranty cover me against failure due to oil degradation even if the car has been serviced correctly?

By protecting your Lexus with a warranty from Warranty Direct you will be covered in every instance above!

How reliable is your car?

Based on data gathered from millions of pounds worth of claims handled by us every year, the Reliability Index offers the most comprehensive overview of cars on the road today. Find out your car's reliability with Warranty Direct.

Find out what NewCarNet have to say about your car below

If there's a car company that's synonymous with quality, reliability, high-tech and comfort, it's Lexus. This Toyota sub-brand has turned the luxury and executive segments on their head since its arrival in the UK in 1990. But Lexus has never had the cachet of its German rivals, which is why its used cars are generally significantly cheaper - even though they regularly lead owner satisfaction surveys. This is largely down to the reasonably low running costs, extremely generous equipment levels and peerless reliability. But these cars are also much rarer than the German alternatives and asking prices can be all over the place. So before buying a Lexus GS be sure to shop around to ensure you're getting the best possible buy.

Lexus GS

Designed to take on compact executives from Audi, BMW and Mercedes, the IS is well-equipped, comfortable and reliable, but refinement and economy can be disappointing, while there are few engines to choose between. In Japan the IS was sold as a Toyota, and in some ways it's more deserving of that badge than the Lexus one, as this doesn't feel like the premium car that it's supposed to be. The dynamics aren't as polished as some rivals, but as an ownership experience any Lexus is hard to beat, as the dealer network offers unrivalled levels of service. So while driving an IS probably won't raise your pulse, neither should owning one.

Lexus IS

An environmentally friendly SUV may seem like a contradiction in terms, but that's exactly what Lexus set out to create when it introduced the second-generation RX in hybrid form only - although a regular petrol-powered edition soon followed. As with any Lexus you can expect peerless build quality, superb dealer service and a somewhat detached driving experience. So while this isn't one for the enthusiast, if you're looking for a painless (but costly) ownership experience, it could be just the ticket.

Lexus RX

The Lexus SC430 came and went, and nobody noticed. On sale in the UK for almost a decade, the SC430 is one of those cars that never made an impact, despite being very desirable for a number of reasons. While it was no looker and it left driving enthusiasts cold, the SC430 featured that legendary Lexus build quality and reliability, with silky smooth performance and surprising usability. Used values are now on the floor, ensuring Lexus' first coupe-cabrio is well worth a look if you want something quirky for the summer.

Lexus SC430

It may be the new kid on the block in the luxury car arena, but that hasn't stopped this Toyota offshoot from quickly gaining a seriously enviable reputation for superlative quality. With unsurpassed reliability, astonishing equipment levels and peerless dealer service, owning a Lexus is guaranteed to be painless. Even better, thanks to heavy depreciation, you can get into an LS430 for less than you'd think - it's just running the thing that might cripple you financially.

Lexus LS430

Toyota sub-brand Lexus is a hybrid tech champion, so when the third-generation RX SUV was launched it was no surprise that it came only with a petrol/electric powertrain, in RX450h form. Anybody wanting a diesel had to look elsewhere, but while the limited model range put off some buyers, those who were more switched on realised they were getting the best of all worlds. Fast, clean and potentially very frugal, all versions of the RX also came with plenty of standard equipment and ample room for the whole family. High purchase costs limited sale to a point, but hefty depreciation means the RX450h makes a great used buy from a value point of view, plus it's an incredibly easy car to own thanks to peerless reliability.

Lexus RX

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