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Peugeot Extended Warranty

The Peugeot extended car warranty is an extension of the manufacturing defect warranty. When looking for an Peugeot extended warranty you must ask the following questions:


The Peugeot extended car warranty is an extension of the manufacturing defect warranty. When looking for a Peugeot extended warranty you must ask the following questions:

  • Does the warranty cover me against failure as a result of wear and tear?
  • Does the warranty cover me against failure as a result of overheating?
  • Does the warranty cover me against repairs necessary as a result of the failure of an uninsured part?
  • Does the warranty cover me against failures found during servicing or MoT?
  • Does the warranty let me choose where to have the car serviced and repaired?
  • Does the warranty cover me against failure due to oil degradation even if the car has been serviced correctly?

By protecting your Peugeot with a warranty from Warranty Direct you will be covered in every instance above!

How reliable is your car?

Based on data gathered from millions of pounds worth of claims handled by us every year, the Reliability Index offers the most comprehensive overview of cars on the road today. Find out your car's reliability with Warranty Direct.

Find out what NewCarNet have to say about your car below

Was the 1007 a lame duck or a dead one? Whatever it was, the car proved to be an embarrassing exercise for Peugeot, which reckoned it was pushing the boundaries with this city car that nobody wanted to buy. Upright and with easy access thanks to power-assisted sliding doors, the 1007 answered a question that nobody had asked. High prices also put off potential buyers, but on the used market the 1007 is far more attractively priced. As a result, the 1007 is now worth a closer look - if you can find one.

Peugeot 1007

It's easy to see why the 207 was one of the most popular cars in its class when new. Keen pricing and a wide choice of engines, trims and body styles made it very accessible. Now the 207 is available only as a used buy, nothing has changed; you're still spoiled for choice. When Warranty Direct claimed in 2011 that the 207 was the most reliable European car, Peugeot's transformation appeared complete, but online forums suggest not all owners think their cars are so dependable. That's why you need to check any potential purchase carefully, but a good 207 can represent spectacular value for money.

Peugeot 207

When it was launched in 2007, the 308 Mk1 was praised for its comfort, refinement, frugal engines and much-improved interior quality over the outgoing 307. Few small family hatchbacks offered the same sort of value as the 308, and as a used buy you get even more for your money. The 308 is safe too, with a five-star Euro NCAP crash test rating. Rear seat space isn't great though and the 308 isn't polished dynamically, but with decent fuel economy available from the diesel engines and very low purchase prices, the 308 can be just the job for a budget-conscious family.

Peugeot 308

Peugeot launched its first people carrier in 1995 (the 806) and would go on to introduce the much more stylish 807 in 2003. Upping the quality and dynamics, the 5008 reached showrooms seven years later. With each new arrival Peugeot was trying to get a slice of an ever smaller pie, with MPVs becoming ever less popular as buyers migrated to SUVs instead - hence the second-generation 5008's design. While no seven-seat MPV will ever excite, the 5008 holds much appeal thanks to its comfortable ride, nice handling and punchy engines. And as you'd expect, the interior is both roomy and versatile. The reliability and build quality are less impressive but with some keen prices the 5008 offers a lot of car for the money.

Peugeot 5008

There was a time when MPVs were the future, then the crossover arrived and suddenly the MPV fell out of favour. Which is a shame because people carriers like the Peugeot 807 tend to be more spacious, comfortable and versatile than any SUV that's remotely affordable. As the first MPV to score a full five stars in Euro NCAP crash tests, the Peugeot 807 is also a very safe car - at least when tested to 2003 standards. However, there's a fly in the ointment, and that's the 807's reliability record, which isn't great. So before buying, make sure that cheap MPV doesn't become very expensive once it's yours.

Peugeot 807

The original Peugeot 3008 might not have the sharp SUV looks of its successor, but it's still a great all-rounder with its blend of generous equipment levels, practicality and versatility in one affordable package. As a family car the 3008 majors on safety too, and thanks to the availability of some efficient, punchy engines this is also a car that's good to drive but which won't cripple you financially when it comes to fuel costs. It's not often that a car maker massively underestimates demand for its new car but that's what happened when Peugeot introduced the original 3008 - it couldn't make them fast enough. That's despite the fact that when the 3008 arrived it wasn't obvious which segment it sat in; was it an MPV or an SUV? Whatever it is, while reliability can be patchy, if you buy a good one you'll have an excellent family car for not a lot of money.

Peugeot 3008

Peugeot has long offered great-value cars, and the 407 is no exception. Spacious, well-equipped and comfortable, these saloons, coupes and estates offer a huge amount of car for the money. But such value can come at a price; the 407 can prove frustrating to own, with some examples hit by a variety of faults, which dealers aren't always able to fix. So the 407 makes a great buy only if you get a good one.

Peugeot 407

No French car maker has ever produced a large car which has been a sales success in the UK. Despite this, all three of the big French car makers insist on building unsaleable executives, which are generally capable enough, but never good enough to distract buyers from the German marques. That's how it was with the 607; a good car, which offers terrific value as a used buy.

Peugeot 607

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