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Porsche Extended Warranty

An extended warranty taken out with Warranty Direct can replace your existing or expired manufacturer warranty from Porsche. We offer a range of flexible coverage options that can help you avoid expensive repairs.

Get a Quote now (click here) for an extended warranty for top Porsche models including the 911, Cayenne, Cayman, Macan and Panamera. Competitive prices, and monthly options.

Download our Consumer Guide to Warranty (click here) for more information.


All of our coverage options come with core protections that help ease the burden and cost of repairs to your Porsche. While your manufacturer warranty does offer some protection, we’re proud to offer you the freedom to choose whatever additional coverage you deem necessary. What’s more, with all repairs, we give you flexibility in terms of where your car is serviced, which your manufacturer warranty might not be able to do.

Our core coverage comes as standard with any policy and covers the following components:

  • Engine
  • Gearboxes
  • Transmissions
  • ECUs and computers
  • Casings
  • Supercharger
  • Turbocharger
  • Flywheels & drive plates

In addition to the mandatory, core coverage, we offer you the choice to add:

  • Core Plus
  • Safety System Protection
  • Emissions System Protection
  • Multimedia Systems Protection

It’s important to all of us at Warranty Direct that we’re up-front about what is and isn’t included in your coverage. That’s why we always encourage our customers to carefully read over their policy documents. We’d like to advise you that our policies do not cover the following and a few more stated in detail in the policy documents:

  • All auxiliary drive belts
  • All hoses and pipes (except for high pressured power steering pipes)
  • Manual transmission clutch plate, clutch cover and release bearing
  • ECUs and computers: Upgrade, updates or revised software and firmware
  • Engine: Catalytic converters, engine covers
  • Body work, paintwork, trims, upholstery and windows

You can be safe in the knowledge that we offer:

  • Choice of hourly labour rates for your repairs.
  • Coverage of the cost of parts and labour for damage to an insured part even if it was caused by the failure of an uninsured part.
  • Reimbursement for emergency travel costs if and when your BMW breaks down due to failure of an insured part.

If you’ve found (or are worried) that your Porsche isn’t protected completely through your manufacturer warranty, take out an extended warranty policy with us today. We insure against wear and tear and offer additional coverage based on your specific needs. Wear and Tear is covered from day one on renewals or the immediate continuation of a manufacturer's policy. Otherwise a 90 day exclusion period applies.

All you need for a policy quote is the model and year of your Porsche. If you decide to actually take out a policy, you will need your registration number too.

Click here to get started and join the thousands of people already happily insured through Warranty Direct.

Porsche has developed a high reputation for luxurious super sports cars over the years that ooze style. After all, when the word Porsche is mentioned, a flashy sports vehicle is likely the first thing that comes to mind. A family owned company from its beginnings in 1931; the popular German manufacturer became public in 1984.

Its first production automobile, the 356, arrived in 1950 and despite the final one being produced in 1965, it remains a much sought after model for classic car enthusiasts. Although the 356 played a key part in Porsche’s development into what it is today, it was actually the 911 which really helped the manufacturer stamp its mark on the automotive industry. First produced in 1963, the powerful two-door, rear-engined classic remains the flagship model for Porsche to this day.

Whether it’s a modern take on Porsche’s iconic 911 model, or if you prefer a slightly heavier drive in one of the larger Porsche Cayenne’s, you can expect luxury across this popular brands entire range of vehicles. Other models offered include the Panamera, a four-door sedan, and the Macan, a five-door crossover SUV.

How reliable is your car?

Based on data gathered from millions of pounds worth of claims handled by us every year, the Reliability Index offers the most comprehensive overview of cars on the road today. Find out your car's reliability with Warranty Direct.

Find out what NewCarNet have to say about your car below

The words 'iconic' and 'legendary' are frequently over-used in the motoring arena, but where the Porsche 911 is concerned they're most definitely deserved. Since 1963 this supercar has captured the imaginations of enthusiast drivers, with its beguiling blend of supercar pace, grand touring usability and brilliant build quality. And with thousands made each year, there are plenty to choose from on the used market, although the number of different 911 variants to choose from is bewildering, and it's essential that you buy the one that's right for your needs. Once you've pinned that down, the next hurdle is to find a minter with a full history that's been maintained by a marque expert. And don't buy anything else.

Porsche 911 (997)

Ever since the original Boxster appeared in 1996, rivals have struggled to keep up; Porsche's entry-level model has always provided sublime handling, strong performance and excellent build quality, with a cast-iron image. This is a car that's so good, it's easy to wonder what the point of a 911 is - or any number of costly supercars. Fabulous to drive, fast, sharply styled and superbly built, the Boxster is one of those rare cars that's so good, you wonder how it can be improved. So while the Boxster can cost a chunk of cash to buy and run, it's still a bargain.

Porsche Boxster

Porsche shot itself in the foot when it released the Cayman. Here was a car so good that for many, it made the mighty 911 somewhat redundant. After all, the Cayman was just as quick in the real world and arguably even more of a looker, while it was also just as well made but just half the price. Used values are high because the car is just so capable, but try one on just the briefest of test drives and you'll see why the car commands such high prices - and why the 911 really is unnecessary.

Porsche Cayman

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