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Renault Extended Warranty

The Renault extended car warranty is an extension of the manufacturing defect warranty. When looking for an Renault extended warranty you must ask the following questions:


The Renault extended car warranty is an extension of the manufacturing defect warranty. When looking for a Renault extended warranty you must ask the following questions:

  • Does the warranty cover me against failure as a result of wear and tear?
  • Does the warranty cover me against failure as a result of overheating?
  • Does the warranty cover me against repairs necessary as a result of the failure of an uninsured part?
  • Does the warranty cover me against failures found during servicing or MoT?
  • Does the warranty let me choose where to have the car serviced and repaired?
  • Does the warranty cover me against failure due to oil degradation even if the car has been serviced correctly?

By protecting your Renault with a warranty from Warranty Direct you will be covered in every instance above!

How reliable is your car?

Based on data gathered from millions of pounds worth of claims handled by us every year, the Reliability Index offers the most comprehensive overview of cars on the road today. Find out your car's reliability with Warranty Direct.

Find out what NewCarNet have to say about your car below

Only the French would take something as utilitarian as a small van and turn it into an MPV, without trying to disguise its roots. It's a formula that works brilliantly though, because if you want tremendous practicality without having to spend much, cars like the Kangoo - and its Citroen Berlingo/Peugeot Partner rivals are unbeatable.

Renault Kangoo

It was the first car in its class to get a five-star Euro-NCAP rating, so the Laguna will look after you if the worst should happen. However, it may not look after you when it comes to faultless running, so check any potential purchase very carefully.

Renault Laguna

You could buy it as a saloon, a hatch, a convertible or an estate, with a choice of engines and a multitude of trims - Renault really did aim to have a Megane for everyone. However, more people hated the exterior styling than liked it and build quality could be patchy, ensuring savage depreciation. Which only makes the car an even better buy - as long you find a good one.

Renault Megane II

Renault created the compact MPV with its original Megane Scenic, which arrived way back in 1997. Here was a car that took all of the best bits of a hatchback, estate and full-size MPV, then combined them in one brilliantly practical carry-all that was not only eminently affordable, but good to drive too. So when a third-generation Scenic arrived in 2009, expectations were high - and few were disappointed. Offered in long-wheelbase Grand Scenic form too (like its predecessor), this new model was safer, better-equipped, more refined and better to drive too - and now it makes a great used buy.

Renault Scenic

Poor Renault; it tries to offer something a little different in the executive sector and ends up getting a bloody nose. However, Renault's misfortune is your gain; the Vel Satis is all but unsaleable on the used car market, thanks to its unusual styling and downmarket image. However, it offers a fascinating alternative to more established German execs, so if you're after something plush on the cheap, this could be just what you've been looking for.

Renault Vel Satis

The Renault Megane Mk3 offered one of the widest models ranges imaginable, with a wide array of engines, trims and body styles to choose from. As well as three- and five-door hatchbacks there was also an estate and a coupe-cabriolet, numerous facelifts plus a variety of hot Renault Sport editions. So you're spoiled for choice - but pinning down exactly which is the right model for you can be bewildering. We'd say it's worth the effort though because the Megane represents great value and while it's no class leader in any respect, it's just the job for budget-conscious buyers in the market for a family car.

Renault Megane

The original Scenic mini-MPV was a revolution when it arrived in 1997. By the time the new model appeared in 2003 there was a lot more competition, but the Renault is still a great car - and it's even better in long-wheelbase seven-seat Grand Scenic form. These cars offer great value as used buys, with diesel editions proving especially attractive. Some cars can be troublesome though, so tread carefully, checking everything over before buying.

Renault Scenic

When Renault failed to bring its brilliant original Twingo to the UK, it made a big mistake - which it didn't repeat when it introduced an all-new model in 2007. Unfortunately the follow-up didn't share the innovation of its predecessor, but as a used buy Renault's smallest car is still worth a closer look for its distinctive styling, spacious and versatile interior as well as the performance in Renault Sport guise. But while the Twingo is ideally suited to urban driving, it's not so adept at longer high-speed journeys thanks to poor refinement. Reliability can also be an issue, so make plenty of checks before buying.

Renault Twingo

Look past the silly name and the Renault Wind has much to offer. Cheap to buy and run, quirkily styled and with a great chassis - set up the boys from Renault Sport - the Wind deserved a better fate. As it was, this Twingo-based roadster lasted just 18 months with a mere handful sold in the UK; now it represents a truly affordable and distinctive route into open-topped motoring.

Renault Wind

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