Why Should You Demist Your Car, And How To Demist A Car Windscreen Quickly?

When the water vapour content in the atmosphere is high, your car’s windscreen develops mist. The process of removing this mist from your windscreen is called demisting.

Demisting your windscreen is important because your vision would be obstructed if you did not demist your car, and driving a car with a misty windscreen is also illegal. Hence, it is always important to demist your car, and here is how you can do that in simple steps.


How To Demist A Car’s Windscreen Quickly?

A misty windscreen is common for anyone, irrespective of the kind of vehicle you drive. Wiping your windscreen doesn't even have a lasting effect, and only makes things worse, so here's a list of how you can demist your windscreen quickly:

1. Make The Right Use Of The Heater

Demisting a car is simple when the heater is used properly. All you have to do is switch on the heater, and slowly increase the temperature to such a degree that the mist on the windscreen starts to go away.

Turning the temperature high right away wouldn’t work, as it would fill the cabin with hot, wet air.

Always find a temperature that isn’t too uncomfortable, but also keeps the windscreen demisted.

Turning the heat too high is also not a good idea, as it wouldn’t serve its purpose, as stated above, and would only make things worse, so beware.

2. Make Proper Use Of Your Air Conditioning

Turning the heat up is not enough to demist your car windscreen. It is also important for you to use your air conditioning to finish the job.

Whilst hot air will dry the glass a little through evaporation, the air will then cool down and condense once again, if you do not use your air conditioning to keep the inside atmosphere dry.

Appropriate usage of your air conditioning will help you demist your windscreen within no time, as it stabilises the temperatures, more than anything else.

3. Use Your Windows

If you do not happen to have a clever climate control system in your car, then keeping your windows down can help clear the windscreen faster. This is because the dry, cold air from the outside reduces the amount of water vapour that has been built up on the inside, resulting in the misty windscreen.

4. Make Use Of Your Climate Control System

If you have a clever climate control system, then make effective use of it. There would be a setting which would allow you to demist your windscreen automatically, which will do the job by adjusting the ventilation system by itself.

Having a clever climate control system is the best option, as there is nothing much you would have to do, apart from turning it on. So, make sure that you do exactly that, and do not neglect demisting your windscreen no matter what.

5. Use A Cloth Or Pad To Clean The Inside Of The Windscreen

Once you have made proper use of your heating system and air conditioning system, or your clever climate control system, wipe your windscreen with a cloth, which will make the process a lot easier. Using a cloth without using the air conditioning and heating systems would not help in the long term though, as simply wiping your windscreen without the heating or air conditioning process would be futile, as the mist would be back shortly, because you haven’t done anything to make the mist go away completely.

6. Stay Outside The Car

Doing all the above steps isn't just enough to demist your car’s windscreen. You should stay out during the process as well, as you would be leaving warm, wet air inside the car, which would hamper with the demisting process.

Whichever steps you may follow, this is compulsory for everyone to follow.

Life Hack For Windscreen Demisting

Demisting your car windscreen is important as it not only clogs your vision, but also increases the possibilities for any fatalities.

Prevention is always better than cure, meaning that keeping your windscreen clean always will make sure that it does not get misty in the first place. What you can do to ensure that your windscreen does not get misty is to clean it with shaving foam.

This is not a permanent solution, but it will make sure that your windscreen doesn't easily get misty.

Keep cleaning your windscreen with shaving foam regularly, for better results.

How Do You Clean Your Windscreen With Shaving Foam?

On a clean towel, place a dollop of shaving foam. Using the towel to wipe the windscreen thoroughly, making sure that the foam covers the entire surface of the windscreen.

With another clean towel, clear the shaving foam off the windscreen. This acts as a protective barrier, and prevents your windscreen from misting up. However, as mentioned earlier, you will have to do this repeatedly for better results.

Using foam to avoid or clear mist is a little trick that is used by ice hockey players, as it stops their face masks from steaming up when they are on the ice, skating.


Keeping the windscreen of your car clean and neat is very essential, as it is the most important part of driving, given that it is what determines whether your vision on the road is clear. If your windscreen is not clear enough, then it might result in unnecessary circumstances. Moreover, it is illegal to drive with a misty windscreen.

Making sure your windscreen is clean is one of the many steps of taking care of your car. One of the most important steps is getting a warranty for your car - in case you have not already. A warranty protects your car from any unforeseen circumstances and saves you a lot of money as well. Warranty Direct offers a comprehensive warranty plan. Head to our website to know more about it, today!

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