Car Rust: How To Remove, Prevent And Repair Rust On Your Car

Car Rust: How To Remove, Prevent And Repair Rust On Your Car

Any iron-based metal is susceptible to forming rust, which can also happen with cars, as they are predominantly made from iron-based metals.

Automatic car driving tips for beginners

Tips On How To Drive An Automatic Car For Beginners And Its Basic Understanding

Automatic cars are currently the rage in the world. Automatic car driving has made driving easy but remains a mystery to many. Read on to know more about it.

Car engine exhaust smoking what and why

White, Black, Blue and Grey Smoke From Car Exhaust - What is it & Why

Every car has exhaust smoke coming out when it is in use. Most of the time, this is barely noticeable, but if it is, you might have to worry. The reason may or may not be serious.

Congestion Charge zones in london

What is a Congestion Charge zones in London, what is a ULEZ charge, and how to avoid them both?

Congestion charges are mostly levied in London, especially in central London, to avoid congestion – traffic jams, and of course, air pollution too. While understanding the concept can get a little difficult at first, avoiding congestion charges can be a simple task too, by understanding what it means, where it is levied, and their timings.

Tips To Pass Practical Driving Test

Road Trip Essential Checklist – Tips To Packing Things For A Long Drive In UK

Road trips are always a great idea, especially in the UK. They help you relax and let off steam, giving you a break from the running race that you have to put up with on a daily basis.

Tips To Pass Practical Driving Test

15 Best Tips On How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time In The UK, Effortlessly And Effectively

A driving test is a highly important test for any individual in their life, as it determines how well you can handle yourself, and any given situation on the road.

Most reliable used cars in the UK

Most Reliable Used Car brands in the UK, 2022

There are several car brands in the world, from brand new cars to used cars, those living in the UK prefer to choose cars, based on their requirements and circumstances.

A Complete Guide to Breakdown Cover -What It All Means and Why You Need It

A Complete Guide to Breakdown Cover -What It All Means and Why You Need It

Breakdowns can be by far, the most annoying problems with cars, this is because a breakdown leaves its driver and passengers stranded on the road which can also be dangerous if on a busy motorway.

Factors to consider when buying a used car warranty?

Factors to consider when buying a used car warranty?

When you buy a new car, things are straightforward, but when you buy a used car, you have a lot of questions and one of them is if you should or shouldn’t opt for a warranty.

Oil leaks in cars

Types of oil leaks in cars, their possible spots, reasons and their fixes

Sometimes, when we plan to go out, we might find that there’s a pool of a dark, oily liquid below our car, out of nowhere, and we might panic.

Car warranty worth the money

Is a used car warranty worth the money?

You’ve bought a used car and you want to look after it. But warranties cost money, so is it worth investing in one?

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10 out of 10? What is E10 fuel and can I use it in my car?

Any regular driver will have stopped recently at a filling station to top up with fuel for their car or van and seen a sign warning that the petrol they are about to put in their vehicle is now called E10.

used car warranty company

Buying a used car warranty? Make sure it’s underwritten, understand?

There are many ways to show that you own or agree to something: you sign a document, you put your initials alongside a paragraph or two or, more recently, you use a personal PIN number to agree to a purchase.

used car warranty uk

Looking for a used car warranty? Make sure it’s regulated

Warranty Direct are fully regulated by the financial authorities. Sounds good... but what does that really mean?

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Everything You Need To Know About Car Batteries

Car batteries are the life force of your vehicle, the heart of the automotive and the soul of other mechanical parts. It powers everything right from the fuel pump to the headlights.

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What to do if you put the wrong fuel in your car

We’ve all been there. You’re rushing around with shed loads to do and need to quickly stop off for petrol before you move on to the next thing on your to-do list. It’s the last thing on your mind and - before you’ve checked

second hand car warranty uk

What To Do With A Used Car’ s Remaining Warranty

Whether you’re buying a new car or you are purchasing a used car, it’s worth looking into a warranty product to see whether it’s a worthwhile investment to protect yourself and your vehicle. Think of a warranty as additional insurance to cover you against certain faults

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Brake-ing Bad

70% of motorists driving vehicles with high-risk advisory issues for brakes and tyres. Leading UK car warranty provider, Warranty Direct reveals the most common advisory issues plaguing UK vehicles, since the MOT regulations were changed in May 2018.

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Could your car’s previous owner cost you?

If you’re considering buying a used car through a private seller, how do you know that what you’re getting is value for money, and that you aren’t being mis-sold a dud?

jargon manufacturer warranty service

A guide to understanding manufacturers’ jargon

Do you know what AEB is? How about a limited-slip differential?.With car terminology growing increasingly complex, navigating your way through an endless list of acronyms and motoring terms can be tricky.

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Car Depreciation Explained

Car depreciation isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you’re in the market for a new car. However, it is one of the most expensive factors that should be taken into consideration when you purchase a new car (along with fuel, tax and servicing costs combined).

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Park life: the UK’s biggest problem parking areas

Barnet has the most recorded parking violations, retrieving an estimated £48 million from parking fines alone.On average only 64% of UK parking fines are paid in full

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New MOT changes (2018)

Major changes to the MOT test were introduced in May 2018 and while it’s been nearly a year since they were first announced, many motorists who have yet to get their new MOT certificate may not be aware of them.

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Warranty Direct Is Under New Ownership

Warranty Direct - one of the most trusted brands for Extended Car Warranty in the UK has been purchased by “FBFM” from its previous owner, BNP Paribas Cardif.

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