Is a used car warranty worth the money?

You’ve bought a used car and you want to look after it. But warranties cost money, so is it worth investing in one?

Buy a new car and it’s a fundamental part of the agreement that you will receive a warranty with it – cover against mechanical and parts failure. These are usually for at least three years, but some manufacturers offer five or even seven years of cover.

But opt for a used model and you almost certainly won’t get the same length of cover as you would with a new one. You can though, find some very comprehensive used car policies.

So the big question is: should you buy a used car warranty for your new (to you) pride and joy?


A used car warranty yes or no - There are several ways to approach this quandary:

The older your car is when you buy it (and the older it gets during its time with you), the more likely it is that something is going to fail. Cars are machines that need care and attention and parts gradually wear out no matter how reliable the manufacturer is.

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Factors to consider at the time of getting a used car warranty quote

Age is one of the factors taken into account when car warranty providers are preparing you a quote. Other considerations include:

Most used car warranty companies, including Warranty Direct, offer cover that is designed to suit you and your personal needs and will include useful extras, such as roadside recovery and MOT repairs cover, in the policy.

Depending on the type of cover you require – along with the age and condition of your car and the level of excess you are prepared to accept – costs can vary greatly, from £10 a month to £100, so there should be something to suit everyone.

It all comes down to these pros and cons:
plus and minus points
What does an extended used car warranty cover?

Most used car warranty companies cover repairs or replacement costs for most electrical and mechanical components. Generally used car policies include expensive parts such as gearbox, engine and other cars computer parts.

Some policies, such as Warranty Direct’s, also cover the car’s multimedia system, including satnav, Bluetooth equipment, infotainment screens and the radio, if they’re factory fitted.

So is the used car warranty worth the money?

For most car owners, the answer is yes. Car parts are expensive and labour fees can be considerable so, unless you are confident you can cover the potentially big cost of a serious fault or failure, it’s certainly worth looking at and, at least, applying for a quote.

One important point: if you are going to cover your used car after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, plan to do it straight away. Doing it later could mean a more expensive policy for you. Car warranty Providers look at the age and mileage of the vehicle when preparing a quote and, as these grow, the estimate can too.

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