A Complete Guide to Breakdown Cover -What It All Means and Why You Need It

Breakdowns can be by far, the most annoying problems with cars, this is because a breakdown leaves its driver and passengers stranded on the road which can also be dangerous if on a busy motorway. This is when breakdown cover, or roadside assistance comes into play providing you the cover so that your car is towed to where it can be repaired, or to your home. This is also known as breakdown recovery.

What is Breakdown Cover?

A breakdown cover is a plan that offers roadside assistance to customers, by either getting their car repaired on the spot, or towing to where it could be repaired, or to the customer’s home, depending on the customer’s preference.

Imagine you are driving your car and suddenly, in the middle of the road, your car stops. You try to figure out what went wrong and try several times to restart the car, but it doesn’t. You could always get some assistance from passers-by and reach your destination, but that may not always be the case with your car.

Breakdown cover is very popular in the UK, as it helps customers when their car breaks down. Breakdown cover helps you in case of a car breakdown locally, or anywhere within the UK.


Read on to find out more about breakdown cover, and what it entails.

Types of Breakdown Cover

Warranty Direct offers two types of Breakdown Cover:

1. AA Roadside Assistance

This type of cover applies to when and if the vehicle is immobilised on the highway more than a quarter of a mile from the authorised driver’s home address, following a breakdown incident to the vehicle. Depending upon the situation, your car’s problem would be identified and resolved on the spot, or the car would be towed to where it could get the necessary help.

2. AA At Home

This type of cover applies when your vehicle is immobilised following a breakdown incident at, or within a quarter of a mile (1/4m) of the authorised driver’s home address. The vehicle would be moved to the nearest authorised repairer in case the local repair is not available, in such cases. Otherwise, the vehicle could also be taken to another location of the authorised driver’s choice, at an additional charge.

What are the benefits of Breakdown Cover?

1. A sense of guarantee that your vehicle will be recovered no matter where it is, in case of a breakdown.

2. No matter who might be at the wheel, the vehicle will always be recovered.

3. Vehicle is recovered to the nearest repair shop, or is repaired on the spot, as per the circumstances, making it less of a hassle for the customer.

Is Breakdown Cover Worth It?

Everything in life boils down to choices, which is the same case with breakdown cover. Those considering getting breakdown cover need to evaluate their requirements, put themselves in a situation where their car breaks down.

In such a situation: Would you or would you not require breakdown cover?

That’s the only question you need to ask yourself.

If the answer is a yes, then you have it sorted, get yourself breakdown cover.

However, if you think that your car wouldn’t breakdown, or that you’d be able to manage even if it does, then you have your answer.

But here’s something to bear in mind ‐breakdown cover offers car breakdown service, which includes roadside cover and roadside repair, which come in handy no matter where, and no matter when your car happens to breakdown in the UK, giving you a peace of mind always.

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What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down?

The best option would be to call your breakdown cover provider, who would either provide you with roadside assistance or roadside repair, depending upon the intensity of your car’s problem. Any service that provides a car breakdown cover in the UK will cover both the above-mentioned options.

If you’re wondering what you should do when you don’t have breakdown cover, then the following topic is for you.

1. Move to a Safe Place

Move your vehicle off the road if you can. Try to pull up onto the hard shoulder, if you’re on the motorway and can’t turn off at the next exit. Also, make sure you stop as far to the left as you can, with the wheels turned to the left.

2. Put Your Hazard Lights On

Turn on your hazard warning lights.

If it’s dark or foggy, keep your sidelights on too. This would make sure that you’re in no danger no matter what.

3. Stay Far Away From Moving Traffic

The best option is to always get out of your car, with the doors facing away from the passing traffic, and to wait behind a barrier. If there are any animals in the car, leave them inside.

4. Wear a Reflective Jacket

Putting on a reflective jacket, if you have one, could prove very useful in times like this as it increases your visibility to the passing traffic.

5. Don’t Put a Warning Triangle On The Hard Shoulder

Putting up a warning triangle if you’re on a motorway is a bad idea. However, if you’re on a road, and you think it’s safe, then you can do so. However, the warning triangle should be at least 45 m behind your vehicle.

Don’t attempt even a simple repair if you’re on a motorway.

If you don’t have a mobile, walk to an emergency phone on your side of the carriageway. Follow the arrows on the posts at the back of the hard shoulder ‐ the phone is free and connects directly to the police. This will get you the help you need.

What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down In a Remote or Country Lane?

We tend to panic less when our car breaks down in an area surrounding a city, because we’d expect more safety and a quick response time. However, in reality, it’s among the safest places to be stranded.

Here’s what to do in such a situation:

1. Call a family member or friend to see if someone can come and wait with you.

2. If you aren’t causing an obstruction, stay in the car and wait for assistance. You can lock the doors if you feel vulnerable. If you feel safe enough, you can always wait outside your car too.

3. Use your hazard lights only if you’re causing an obstruction, so that you’re clearly visible to the moving traffic.

4. Contact a local garage if you know where you are, you can call a local garage for help.

How To Get Breakdown Cover?

Warranty Direct offers its customers with breakdown cover, or also known as AA Roadside Assistance with its Gold Warranty Cover. You wouldn’t have to pay any extra money to get a breakdown cover quote, as it comes as a part of the Gold Cover.

Our Gold Extended Car Warranty protects your car against any mechanical or electrical failures and ensures that you can have peace of mind. Our motor car warranty includes cover of parts and labour, covering a wide range of parts. Included in the Gold Cover is the breakdown cover.


On the whole, breakdown cover is as important as a general warranty, for your car, and if you still have doubts or questions over whether or not you should get one for yourself, feel free to contact us.

Warranty direct provides roadside assistance with the Gold cover, and also has competent services like a 24/7 roadside assistance, and a direct pickup at home (when necessary).

To know more about Warranty Direct’s breakdown cover/roadside assistance policy, please click here or call us on 020 3510 6656.

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