What Should Be Covered Under A Car Warranty Considered The Best?

Whenever someone buys a new car, they will receive a manufacturer car warranty. A car warranty protects your car in case of any unforeseen or emergency situations. The best car warranty is that which covers all your car’s parts, thus reducing the cost of any replacements or repairs for you in the end. In this blog, we shall look at what the best car warranty should cover and how you can select which warranty is the best for you.

What is a car warranty?

A car warranty is important for the health of your car, as it protects your car in case of unforeseen mechanical or electrical failures.

With a car warranty, you would not have to pay for labour costs or for the replacement of certain parts of your vehicle in case of any failures. This will save you a lot of money, as it can get quite expensive to repair your vehicle.


There are two types of warranties:

1. Manufacturer warranty

This comes with your brand-new car and will last for the manufacturer warranty term. You would not have to pay anything extra for this warranty, which makes new cars sell more.

2. Used car warranty

Once your manufacturer warranty has ended, a used car warranty, or an extended car warranty, would protect your car against any unfortunate circumstances, where any mechanical or electrical part needs to be replaced or repaired.

Why is a car warranty important for your car?

Every modern car is designed and made to be reliable. However, when the parts do fail in the odd case that something goes wrong with them, the cost to fix those parts can be costly. UK repairers can charge anywhere between £80 to £200 per hour to fix your car, and this is just the labour cost. Added to this would be the cost of the part that needs to be replaced. This will end up costing you a lot more.

By taking up a car warranty, you do not end up paying anything for your car’s repair in such circumstances, as a warranty pays for any such unforeseen repairs. The only thing you may have to pay is an excess if this is selected at time of policy inception. This is what makes a car warranty especially important for your car.

What should be covered under a car warranty?

The first foremost thing about a warranty that needs to be remembered is that a warranty covers and protects your car in case of unexpected circumstances. A warranty doesn’t cover car parts that need to be replaced because of wear and tear or because of old age. A car’s essential fluids, like engine oil and other fluids, which need to be replaced from time to time, are also not covered by a warranty, and neither are parts like tyres, which experience day to day wear and tear.

Apart from that, any car warranty should cover the following aspects :

1. MOT Test insurance

The MOT test is one of the most important aspects to driving and owning a car in the UK. In case of MOT failure your MOT insurance will cover you for the replacement parts and fittings of items required to pass your MOT. Hence, it is essential that your warranty covers MOT test insurance.

2. Breakdown cover

A breakdown cover is important for anyone that owns vehicle, as we can never be sure of when and where our car might break down, and when we may need to be rescued along with our car from where we have been stranded.

3. Guarantee of claims

You might not end up being able to claim your warranty when you need it the most. Thus, you must choose an authentic and trusted warranty company that has a tie up with an insurance, as this will guarantee that you can claim your warranty whenever you need it, and that your car is always protected.

Here is a list of the most essential parts that should be covered by a car warranty:

Cost of repairs to:

a. Engines and transmission

b. Fuel systems

c. Air conditioning and cooling systems

d. Gear boxes

e. Steering

f. Suspension

g. Non-frictional clutch and brake parts

h. Electrics

Car warranty comparison - How should it be done?

When you’re considering getting your car a warranty, you wouldn’t just get the first warranty that you look at. You would look at various warranty providers and make your decision based on what each one has to offer, and the cost of the warranty.

Some of the main points that need to be kept in mind while comparing car warranties are:

1. When the cover starts

Compare when your warranty cover would start. A warranty should start covering you from the day you take out the warranty. It should also clearly mention exactly what parts and labour costs will be covered.

2. Type of breakdown coverage

Compare the level to which any provider would help you out in case your vehicle breaks down, and the kind and level of assistance you get.

3. Choice of workshop

See if you would get the choice of the workshop or garage where you could get your repairs done.

4. Terms and conditions

Ensure you thoroughly read the terms and conditions of your warranty provider. This will eliminate the scope for any doubts.

UK’s Best Car Warranty: Warranty Direct

Warranty Direct is one of the leading car warranty provider’s in the UK, which ensures that your car is taken care of, in case of any mechanical or electrical unforeseen circumstances. Several parts and components of a car are covered by Warranty Direct’s extended warranty policy, which will protect your car. Hybrid and electrical components of a car are also included, which will protect your hybrid or electric vehicle as well, if necessary. Warranty Direct also offers one of the best and most comprehensive extended warranties in the market, which will take care of your used car, well after the expiry of your manufacturer’s warranty.

Warranty Direct has been in the warranty business for a long time and has a good reputation of getting their customer's claims approved. There are two types of covers that Warranty Direct offers, Gold Cover Warranty and Silver Cover Warranty.

Here is what is covered with the Gold Cover:

1. Air conditioning

2. Automatic gearbox

3. Body

4. Brake system

5. Cooling system

6. Clutch

7. Drive train

8. Engine

9. Entertainment & navigation

10. Electrical system

11. Exhaust system

12. Fuel system

13. Front suspension

14. Hybrid system

15. Lighting equipment

16. Manual gearbox

17. Rear suspension

18. Steering system

19. Selective catalytic reduction

20. Safety system

21. Stability and traction control

22. Electric vehicle systems

Each of the above components comes with parts that are specially covered. Depending upon which cover you choose, a few parts of the above-mentioned list may or may not be covered. For example, a part that is covered in the Gold Cover may not be covered in the Silver Cover.

Most of the warranties available in the market also do not cover electric or hybrid cars, which turns out to be a problem for those who own such vehicles. Warranty Direct offers a warranty cover for electric and hybrid vehicles, which will keep you covered and safe in case of any emergency.

For a hybrid model, all the following will be covered in our Gold Warranty Cover:

1. Generator

2. Electric Motor

3. Electronic Control Unit

4. Reduction Gear

5. Power Split Device

6. Power Control Unit

7. DC Converter

8. System Main Relay

9. Energy Storage Systems

10. Wiring (if required as a consequence of a covered failed part)

Warranty Direct Reviews and Ratings

On Trust Pilot, Warranty Direct has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Most of our customers give 5 stars, this shows the kind of services we provide, and the fact that ours is one of the most liked warranty providers in the industry. This is based on more than 1,000 ratings and reviews that have been given.

One of the review reads, “The Staff were very helpful and patient despite the fact I was taking long to decide if I should take £250 excess or go for zero excess. He patiently and carefully explained disadvantages and advantages between both. However, I was pleased with his mannerism, politeness, and professionalism with his customer service”.

Here's hoping we’ve helped in giving you an idea on how you should select the best car warranty for your car, and how to make the right choice.

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