21 Most Dangerous Roads In The World: Explore The World's Deadliest Roads

Embarking on a road trip is often a thrilling adventure, a journey of discovery and freedom. Yet not all roads are created equal. Some traverse landscapes have breathtaking beauty, while others wind through perilous terrain, earning a reputation as the most dangerous roads in the world. These routes challenge even the most daring travelers, pushing them to the limits of their courage and driving skills. From treacherous mountain passes to vertigo-inducing cliffside trails, this exploration delves into the world's most harrowing roadways, where each turn presents a test of nerves and an invitation to confront the edge of human endurance.


21 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Most dangerous roads in the world meander through inhospitable terrain, exposing drivers and explorers to a unique mix of hazards and difficulties. These risky routes are distinguished by high cliffs, perilous weather, rough terrain, and scant safety infrastructure. Travelling along these paths may be an exciting one, but it also needs unrelenting attention and prudence. This collection of 21 death-defying roadways will leave you in awe of the human spirit's ability to conquer nature's most daunting obstacles.

21. Kahekili Highway, Hawaii
Location: Hawaii
Length: 21 miles
Max. Elevation: 1600 ft (about 0.3 miles) above sea level
Danger: Steep Cliffs, Bends & Narrow Sections, Poor Road Conditions.

With a road length of 21 miles and 1600 ft. (0.3 miles), and its challenging terrain and precarious conditions, Kahekili Highway in Hawaii, is considered one of the world's most dangerous highways.

The combined factors of Narrow and unpaved roads, Cliffside driving, limited or no guardrails, and extreme weather conditions contribute to the Kahekili Highway's posing significant risks to drivers, making it one of the most dangerous highways in the world.

20. Col du Chaussy, France
Location: France
Length: 9.45 miles
Max. Elevation: 5030 ft (about 1.0 mile) above sea level
Danger: 17 Hairpin Bends, Steep Gradients, Heavy Snowfall and Icy Roads.

Col du Chaussy in France is considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world due to its steep gradients, sharp hairpin turns, narrow passages, and lack of guardrails. This challenging mountain pass, often featured in the Tour de France, is not only a test of driving skills but also nerve-wracking for cyclists. The road is susceptible to rockfalls, avalanches, and unpredictable weather conditions, making it a high-risk route for both motor vehicles and cyclists, demanding extreme caution and experience from those who traverse it.

19. Engineer Pass, USA
Location: USA
Length: 5.6 miles
Max. Elevation: 12,800 ft (about 2.5 miles) above sea level
Danger: Sharp turns, Steep & Narrow sections, Rocky terrain, Harsh weather, lack of safety measures.

Engineer Pass, a rugged mountain range in Colorado, is situated at an elevation of 3901 metres (12,800 Ft) above sea level. This longest road in the world has a mix of high-altitude problems, intense weather, rocky terrain, and lack of safety measures, making this route extremely dangerous and requires excellent driving skills, fare planning and cautious consideration for to travel it.

18. Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan
Location: Taiwan
Length: 11.8 miles
Max. Elevation: 10 744 ft (about 2.0 miles) above sea level
Danger: Narrow roads, Blind corners, Floods, Earthquakes, Landslides, Extreme rains, Typhoons and Fog

Taroko Gorge Road in Taiwan is another of the world’s most dangerous roads, and it’s crucial to remember that perceptions of a road's risk can be subjective and fluctuate over time. Here are some of the reasons why Taroko Gorge Road is the most dangerous.

17. Austrian Road, Kazakhstan
Location: Kazakhstan
Length: 37 miles
Max. Elevation: 6500 ft (about 1.2 miles) above sea level
Danger: Heavy snowfall, Landslides and Poor maintenance

Austrian Road in Kazakhstan is a 37-mile road that appears to be the least on the list of most dangerous highways in the world, and the main reason for this is because of the combination of challenging factors, making it a risky path for travellers. These factors include:

16. Cat and Fiddle Road, UK
Location: United Kingdom
Length: 10.2miles
Max. Elevation: 1689 (about 0.3 miles) above sea level
Danger: Heavy Snowfall, Freezing Conditions, Hairpin Bends, Heavy Rainfall, Sharp Descents

With over 1689 ft above sea level and 10.2 miles in length, A537 or commonly known as Cat and Fiddle Road from Buxton to Macclesfield, has become among the most dangerous roads in the UK. And the combination of sharp descents, numerous hairpin bends Cat and Fiddle Roads, steep gradients, and adverse weather conditions including extreme rainfall, fog, ice, snow and heavy snowfall makes it more challenging for drivers to navigate.

15. Dalton Highway, Alaska
Location: Alaska
Length: 414 miles
Max. Elevation: 4739 (about 0.8 miles) above sea level
Danger: Remote Location, Unpaved Surface, Extreme Arctic Weather, Enormous Potholes

Due to its severe remoteness, harsh temperature, and tough terrain, Alaska's Dalton Highway is recognized as the most harmful highway in the world. This route, which stretches over 414 miles across the Alaskan tundra, is mostly unpaved and vulnerable to cold temperatures and extreme weather conditions such as blizzards and harsh winds.

This route is not only perilous, but a small mishap may easily turn fatal because it is so distant from medical facilities, eateries, and petrol stations. You may quickly starve to death if you become stuck without supplies.

14. Route 622 (Svalvogar Road), Iceland
Location: Iceland
Length: 31.68 miles
Max. Elevation: Unknown or Below sea level when the tide is high
Danger: Landslides, High Tides, Deep Fog, Pebbles Road

Route 622 in Iceland, also known as Svalvogar Road, is frequently recognized as one of the most dangerous roads owing to its unique combination of demanding circumstances. This route offers an exciting but nerve-racking driving experience.

13. Road from Killar to Pangi, India
Location: India
Length: 70.8 miles
Max. Elevation: 8280 ft (1.5 miles)
Danger: Narrow & Unpaved Sections, No Guardrails, Landslides, Heavy Snowfall, and Avalanches

With over 70.8 miles and 8280 ft height, The Killar to Pangi Road in India is one of the world's most dangerous routes. This path was constructed by local villagers centuries ago without undergoing any subsequent repairs. You can see this road open only during summer months and is wide enough for only one jeep. The combination of unpaved gravel surface, no guardrails, extreme weather, mud, and landslides elevates this path into more danger.

12. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China
Location: China
Length: 0.75 miles
Max. Elevation: 2000 ft (0.3 miles)
Danger: Sheer Cliffs, No Protective Barriers, Extreme Fog, Rockfalls, Mud

The treacherous road through the Taihang Mountains, opened in 1977, leads to the isolated village of Guoliang in China. Originally, the Chinese government deemed it too expensive to construct a road for just 300 villagers, prompting 13 villagers to take matters into their own hands. They carved a 0.8-mile tunnel through a sheer vertical cliff using explosives, despite their lack of road-building experience, resulting in tragic accidents. This astonishing but perilous feat makes it one of the world's most dangerous roads, as it was carved into the rock by determined villagers seeking a connection with the outside world.

11. Stelvio Pass, Italy
Location: Italy
Length: 29.08 miles
Max. Elevation: 9045 ft (about 1.8 miles)
Danger: Hairpin Turns, Steep & Narrow sections, landslides, Harsh Weather

Due to its high ascent, numerous hairpin curves, and irregular weather patterns, the Stelvio Pass in Italy is frequently regarded to be one of the most challenging and hazardous roads in the world. This is one of the Eastern Alps' highest paved mountain passes, reaching an elevation of 2,757 meters (9,045 feet) above sea level.

While the Stelvio Pass is difficult and hazardous, it is also famed for its spectacular and dramatic landscape. Many people opt to drive or bike across this pass for the sheer exhilaration of it all as well as the stunning scenery. However, if you intend to conquer the Stelvio Pass, you must be well-prepared, have an appropriate vehicle, and practice caution, especially in severe weather.

10. Pokhara to Jomsom to Muktinath Road, Nepal
Location: Nepal
Length: 96 miles
Max. Elevation: 1340 to 3800 metres
Danger: Landslides, Rockfalls, Blind Corners, Earthquakes, Potholes, Steep Grades

The Pokhara to Jomsom to Muktinath Road in Nepal is a perilous Himalayan highway covering a vast 96 miles. Running through the Kali Gandaki Gorge, one of the world's deepest, it stretches from 1,340 to 3,800 meters (about 2.36 mi) above the Gandaki River, offering stunning valley views. However, this scenic route is fraught with dangers, including mudslides, flooding, potholes, and unexpected rockfalls. As it winds through this mythic region with breathtaking sights, the road remains unpaved during construction, requiring skillful or professional drivers with four-wheel-drive vehicles.

9. Bayburt D915, Turkey
Location: Turkey
Length: 66 miles
Max. Elevation: 6677 ft (about 1.3 miles)
Danger: Sharp turns, No protective barriers, Heavy snow, Blizzards, Avalanches and landslides

Due to 29 sharp turns with no protective barriers and 66 miles long, this path Bayburt D915 in Turkey is one of the most dangerous roads on earth. This route can become even risky in harsh winter weather. Winters are an uncertain time of the year to travel on the road due to heavy snow, blizzards, avalanches, and landslides which can make parts of the road impassable. No matter how careful the traveler is, these dangers can strike unexpectedly posing significant risks to their lives.

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8. Atlantic Road, Norway
Location: Norway
Length: 5.2 miles
Max. Elevation: 8100 ft (about 1.5 miles) above sea level
Danger: Sharp turns, Steep dips, Dramatic waves High winds, Icy conditions

Due to its features of sharp turns, steep dips, and dramatic waves from the Norwegian sea crashing over the road, this 5.2 miles of Atlantic Road in Norway is renowned as one of the world's most dangerous drives. The route includes the treacherous 5.2-mile section from Utheim on Avery to the mainland, where a high bridge climbs approximately 300 meters (984.25 ft) at a challenging angle.

During storms, the combination of high winds, icy conditions, and relentless waves creates a hazardous environment, making it a more challenging and potentially life-threatening drive. Despite its breathtaking scenery, the road demands extreme caution from those who brave its treacherous path.

7. Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand
Location: New Zealand
Length: 16.5 miles
Max. Elevation: 3000 ft (0.5 miles)
Danger: Narrow, Unpaved Surface, Limited Visibility, Sharp Bends

Skippers Canyon is a dangerous 16.5-mile route hand-carved by miners over 140 years ago in New Southwest New Zealand. Its breathtaking views and fantastic photo possibilities challenge its substantial risk.

This route is unpaved and extremely narrow, with twisting hairpin curves, towering heights, steep gradients, and meandering trails that will challenge even the most experienced drivers. Surprisingly, most automobile insurance policies would not cover incidents on this route owing to its risks.

6. Karakoram Highway, China - Pakistan
Location: China - Pakistan
Length: 807 miles
Max. Elevation: 15, 397 ft (2.9 miles)
Danger: Rugged Terrain, Steep Cliffs, Landslides, Heavy Snowfall, Avalanches, Narrow Sections

Spanning 800 miles, this perilous highway linking China and Pakistan is among the world's deadliest roads. Prone to landslides, floods, heavy snow, and avalanches, its construction in 1959 resulted in the tragic deaths of 1,000 workers. Sadly, fatalities remain common, attributed to landslides and accidents.

Despite its lethal reputation, it attracts tourists due to its stunning natural beauty. It stands as one of the highest international paved roads globally, reaching an elevation of 4,693 meters (15,397 feet), traversing the Karakoram Mountain range, and enduring the constant threat of landslides and floods, especially in its unpaved sections in Pakistan.

5. Kolyma Highway to Lena Highway (The Road of Bones), Russia
Location: Russia
Length: 1914 miles
Max. Elevation: Unknown
Danger: Unpaved Roads, Extreme Cold Temperatures, Heavy Snowfall, Zero Visibility

Known as the "Road of Bones," the Siberian route from Magadan to Never is among the world's most perilous roads. Comprising the R504 Kolyma Highway and the A360 Lena Highway, it traverses one of the coldest regions globally, with the former being better maintained. The Lena River Ice Road is an extension, open from December to April, but it claims lives annually as vehicles sink through the ice. Winter is the preferred time to travel due to frozen ground and water, but it still entails heavy snow, ice, and low visibility. During rainy July and August, the road becomes a nightmarish quagmire, leading to mile-long traffic jams, where even robbing fellow travelers is not uncommon.

4. Sichuan - Tibet Highway, China
Location: China
Length: 1498 miles
Max. Elevation: 17,162 ft (2.2 miles)
Danger: Heavy Snowfall, Blizzards, Landslides, Avalanches

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway stands out as one of the world's most perilous roads due to its daunting attributes. This 1,330-mile route, linking Chengdu and Lhasa and averaging 4,000 meters in elevation, is plagued by frequent landslides and rock avalanches. Despite offering breathtaking views, this high-altitude road has a deadly track record, having claimed the lives of thousands over the years. A single misstep on this death-defying highway could prove fatal, as drivers navigate through open landslides and precarious terrain.

3. Zoji La Pass, India
Location: India
Length: 5.6 miles
Max. Elevation: 11,575 ft (2.2 miles)
Danger: Heavy Snowfall (during winter), Narrow and Treacherous Road, Landslides, Sharp Turns

Due to several factors, Zoji La Pass is among the world's most dangerous roads. This road shares its name with a treacherous dirt road with no protective barriers or traffic signs, is susceptible to landslides, and winds its way among rugged peaks, reaching over 11,000 feet at its highest point. Aside from its narrowness, extreme weather conditions, and lack of protective guardrails, this road winds through cliffs over 3,000 meters (about 1.86 miles) deep, causing a nerve-wracking and dizzying journey.

2. Fairy Meadows Road, Pakistan
Location: Pakistan
Length: 10 miles
Max. Elevation: 10,827 ft (2.0 miles)
Danger: Steep and Unpaved Road, Landslides, Adverse Weather Conditions

Due to the treacherous mountain tract spanning 10 miles and its features of unstable gravel surfaces, extreme altitudes and tight, winding turns, Fairy Meadows Road in Pakistan's Gilgit-Baltistan region has become among the most dangerous roads in the world. It is true that this road offers breathtaking views but lacks protective barriers, and maintenance posing a serious risk of vehicles tumbling off cliffs.

1. North Yungas Road (Death Road), Bolivia
Location: Bolivia
Length: 43 miles
Max. Elevation: 15,256 ft (2.9 miles)
Danger: Narrow and Unpaved Road, Steep Cliffs, Landslides, Dense Fog and Heavy Rainfall

North Yungas Road or Death Road in Bolivia spans 43 miles, linking Coroico and La Paz. Almost 200 hairpin corners, some with 1,000-meter steep drops, and no guardrails make up this dangerous journey, reaching heights of 15,256 feet above cloud level. Fog, dust clouds, rain, mudslides, and waterfalls reduce visibility significantly, making it highly dangerous.


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