Factors to consider when buying a used car warranty?

When you buy a new car, things are straightforward, but when you buy a used car, you have a lot of questions and one of them is if you should or shouldn’t opt for a warranty.

Factors to Consider While Getting a Used Car Warranty:

No car is immune, and this is true in the case of new and used cars as well. When you buy a used car, even if the car is in mint condition, it is always advisable to get a warranty for it. The warranty for any new car lasts for about three years, once that expires you would have to pay for any damage or trouble that your car is facing, which can be an expensive and daunting thought. This is where a used car warranty comes into the picture, as it covers the cost of parts and labour to get your car repaired. Here are a few factors you can consider while buying an extended warranty on a used car:


1. What’s Your Long-Term Plan for the Car?

Car warranties for used cars outside of manufacturer warranty are best advised from the date you purchase the car regardless of your long-term plan to keep the car.

2. History of Your Car

The history of the car you purchased is highly important, as it gives you an early indication of whether you should buy a warranty on a used car. If your car has had several problems in the past, no matter how small, it is always advisable for you to get a warranty.

3. Your Budget for Car Repairs

Car repairs can be a costly affair, considering that replacing or even repairing certain parts can be expensive. If you do have the finances that would be necessary for these repairs, then you may not have to opt for a warranty. However, if that’s not the case, then a used car warranty is a must for you.

Here's an additional checklist that could help you to decide whether to get an extended warranty on your used car:

1. How much are you willing to spend each month on a used car warranty?

2. What is the mileage and age of your vehicle?

3. What’s your car’s history with repairs and breakdowns?

4. How reliable is the make and model of your vehicle? What are the common breakdowns and associated repair costs?

5. How important are added benefits to you?

6. What type of coverage do you want?

What Does a Used Car Warranty Cover?

Warranty policies vary, but you should look for these elements to be covered at the very least:

1. Air conditioning

2. Braking system

3. Clutch

4. Engine coolant

5. Final drive system

6. Electrical

7. Engine

8. Fuel system

9. Heating

10. Oil seals

11. Steering

12. Suspension

13. Transmission

14. Turbo

Questions That Arise When Buying a Used Car Warranty

It is only natural that we are faced with several questions when buying a used car warranty, and here are a few of them.

1. Who is Going to be your Warranty Provider?

Deciding on who will be your warranty provider is the biggest task, as they are the ones that lay the foundation for your experience with warranties. You are also essentially putting your car in their hands, so it’s always important to make sure that you select only the best.

2. Did You Look for the Best Price?

Warranties come in a wide range of prices, and you should always look for the best price, by checking with providers, before you decide on one.

3. Do You Know What’s Covered in the Policy?

It is essential that you know what’s covered in the policy, and what you will have to pay for, even after getting the warranty. This helps you get an idea of whether you would actually be saving any money by getting the warranty, or not.

Always talk to the warranty providers before taking a final decision to get all of your questions cleared.

What If You Need to Make a Claim on An Extended Car Warranty?

Decided that you need an extended car warranty on your car, and on who would be your warranty provider in UK? Perfect, here’s what you should do if you need to make a claim:

Under most used car policies, you would need to get a quote for any repair work first, and from a garage or workshop that the warranty provider has approved.

Many policies providers will pay the repairing garage direct while others expect you to pay for repairs first, before being reimbursed. Again, this needs thought before taking up your warranty, considering that a future repair could be quite expensive.

You will also be expected to keep your car serviced in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines – failing to do this could mean your warranty cover is invalidated. Remember that the cost of regular servicing is not covered by your warranty, and many policies don’t cover MOT repairs either. Warranty Direct, however, does include the helpful extras of MOT Test Insurance cover, along with Roadside Recovery too.

Here Are a Few Pointers you should keep in mind while taking up a policy:

Before taking up your policy, there are lots of terminologies and you will need to know. These include:

1. Age Limit: Many warranties have an age limit for cars. Warranty Direct will cover cars up to 12 years old and with less than 120,000 miles on the odometer

2. Claim Limit: There will be set thresholds on how much you can expect back for each repair. Warranty Direct covers you up to the value of the vehicle at point of sale.

3. Consequential Damage: if something breaks and damages another part, the warranty might not cover both components.

4. Excess: The more you choose, the less your policy’s premium will be. Warranty Direct offers excess choice from £0 - £250

5. Workshop Choice: You can’t always choose the repair shop you use, as most warranty providers have their own ‘approved’ technicians. Warranty Direct allows you to take the vehicle back to the dealership that you purchased the vehicle from in the first instance.

6. Mileage Allowance: You might have to stay within a set mileage range to keep your warranty operating. Warranty Direct has unlimited mileage during policy term.

7. Previous Faults: The warranty might not cover pre-existing issues that were already there when you took out the policy.

8. Service Book: Insurers expect you to keep your car serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

9. Warning Lights: Don't ignore warnings on your dashboard. If you do, the warranty could become invalid

Where Should You Buy a Car Warranty?

You can buy a warranty for a used car anywhere, but it is always important that you do so from a highly trusted company like Warranty Direct. Make sure that all of your requirements are met with, no matter who you choose.

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We at Warranty Direct have been working in the used car warranty field for multiple years in the UK. We make sure that our customers have all their questions answered, and that their requirements are all met. Our warranty is very simple to understand.


On the whole, just like a normal car warranty, a used car warranty is also highly important, as it covers your car when things go wrong with the mechanics or electrics and saves you a great deal of money, as replacing or getting the parts of your car repaired can be a very expensive task. "The UK's best car warranty company Warranty Direct provides an extended warranty for your car with more benefits. If you are looking for more information on a used car warranty and what we cover then contact us here"

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