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About Us

Whether you're an existing Warranty Direct customer or considering becoming one we're pleased to provide a little insight into our business and how we stand out in the busy Warranty marketplace.
Find out how Warranty Direct started life as a family-run business and grew into an industry-leader, attracting partnerships with blue-chip businesses like 'What Car?' and Auto Trader.
At Warranty Direct we know if you're not satisfying your customers you won't have a business. Take a look at what our customers say about us and why we're seen as a leading expert in the consumer Warranty market.
All the things you need to know as a Warranty Direct customer. Everything from how we're regulated to the financial rules we abide by. It might seem detailed, but it shows how dedicated we are to you.
We appreciate navigating the differences between Warranty contracts is almost as much of a headache as finding a fault with your vehicle. That's why we're committed to making things clear and simple to understand.
Spread the word about Warranty Direct and you could reap rewards for your recommendation! Find out more about our Recommend A Friend scheme.
How reliable is your vehicle? Our Reliability Index can help you discover the potential faults your vehicle could develop in its lifetime.
Warranty Direct customers can take advantage of a free Engie vehicle diagnosis device as part of their warranty. Find out more about this nifty car gadget.
Building partnerships is as important as product innovation and as we grow as a business so does our drive to grow new relationships with businesses. Take a look at who we're working with currently. Our next partner could be you.
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Brought to you by Warranty Direct, this is a platform to help you, the motorist, improve the state of your local roads and find out how to claim compensation if your vehicle has been damaged by potholes.
Dealer Warranty Direct is a warranty programme run by us. We're here to help you provide your customers with the same type of high quality warranty cover that has made us an industry-leader in the consumer warranty market.